When professionals hear the term “overlap of all outcomes”, a lot of controversy arises, because this strategy is not always possible or even profitable. Previously, bookmaker odds could differ significantly for the same event. Now this is a little different, and only in extremely rare cases do the quotes come across completely different. This is not a bookmaker’s mistake, but a purposeful decision, so if there is an opportunity, you need to use it.

What does this mean? If the bettor sees the minimum difference, you can get a profit with a 100% guarantee. Naturally, the best option would be the one when they can win or lose in the match, without draws. But in the case of a striking difference in the odds, you can profitably pick up the type of bet with “X”, that is, “win + draw”. For example, let’s take a tennis match from a prestigious tournament. For example, the betting company offers a coefficient of 1.4 for tennis player # 1, and 3.2 for tennis player # 2. Another bookmaker gives 1.6-5. Therefore, if you allocate 1000 rubles for the bet, you can safely make 2 bets: on the first tennis player with odds of 1.6 (700 rubles) and on the second with a coefficient of 5 (300 rubles). We look at the results: 700 * 1.6 = 1120; 300 * 5 = 1500. Accordingly, the net profit will be in any case, and you will not have to worry about the fate of the fight, because in any case you can win.

The advantages of the strategy are obvious:

  • there are no risks if there are no draws in the match;
  • it is quite possible to find high rates;
  • surebet scanners will help you find suitable events.

In a separate order, it can be noted that when using tactics, discipline is developed, because you need not just bet on everything, but it is important to distribute the bankroll and use odds above 1.5.

As for the matches and types of bets, thanks to correct calculations, there is a chance to correctly bet on football as well. For example, bookmaker # 1 offers odds for team A to win 2. Bookmaker # 2 provides 4 for a draw, and 5 for a win for the second club. We distribute 1000 into three separate parts: 500 * 2 (1000), 300 * 4 (1200) and 200 * 5 (1000). As you can see, there are no losses, but in this example, profit is possible only in a single case. One has only to increase the size of the bet and the results will be different, already with income. Let’s check and for bets we take the bank in 2000: 1100 * 2 (2200), 450 * 4 (1800), 450 * 5 (2250). There is already a profit here, but it is easy to see that one has only to redistribute the bank and the situation will change.

In any case, you need to get used to overlapping outcomes, surebets and other names of the same strategy. All of the above examples are close to ideal conditions, but perfectly demonstrate the overall picture. In life, similar situations occur, but infrequently. In order not to be mistaken with the size of the bet, it is better to find a high-quality surebets calculator and receive dividends from a correctly constructed bet, which does not even need to be analyzed.


The main principle of the strategy is to choose a specific outcome for a basketball game, about 3-4 quarters in live. It is permissible to take the second quarter, but only if the final result is already more or less clear. If the bet loses, you need to increase the amount of the bet and do it until you win. It is better to split the predictions into quarters and not make more than 1-2 bets, because there is a high probability of losing a lot of money in only one match.

In this case, you can play on the victories of outsiders in quarters. According to statistics, few teams manage to win every quarter. Some sources give 95-98% for this, but in general, even 85-90% is quite an impressive figure. What does a basketball catch-up look like in live:

  • we find an interesting match that started and lasts about 2-4 minutes;
  • We bet that the outsider will win in the first quarter;
  • if the forecast is winning, then you can move on to another match;
  • when in the first quarter the victory did not take place, we bet on the second and so on until the end of the match.

Why do you need to move on to another match, if you can finish the first match? You shouldn’t get too carried away, because the favorites very rarely win in all four quarters at once, but they don’t give more than 1-2. Therefore, winning the first quarter is an ideal decision that immediately helps to get rid of impressive risks. Winning in the fourth quarter is fraught with loss of money, but if you calculate the amounts correctly and distribute the bankroll, you can get a profit, even under such circumstances.

For bets, you need to view the statistics for the last 5-10 matches. If the choice fell on the NBA, then the strategy will be almost 100% passed, because in very rare cases one team completely dominates the other. The same is observed in the Euroleague, but in this case the prevalence is more significant. In addition to betting on a favorite, a forecast for TB or TM is also suitable. It is not difficult to analyze such an event, because any high-quality livescore provides the necessary statistics.

As for catch-up with analysis, it can hardly be attributed to strategies with minimal risk. Let us explain why – if you spend a lot of time analyzing one match that won’t play, stress and depression are inevitable, followed by irrational, impulsive forecasts. The strategy also pushes you to this, because after a loss you need to bet 2-3 times more in order to recoup the lost funds. If you already use tactics, then only competently, choosing matches wisely.

Betting on anything at all is a sure way to nowhere and even more risk than before. It is better to immediately set your own limits and not make predictions if the losing streak is 4-6 matches. Some experts recommend 10-15, but that’s a lot even for those with large bankrolls. Moreover, no one wants to lose a lot of money, because someone thought this number was ideal for the series. Experiment individually, without exaggeration or excessive judgment.


The next use of surebets , which allows you to make a profit from each match – small, but guaranteed. Again, the principle is to find high odds and distribute the pot correctly. Even if the quotes are excellent, the profit from one arbitrage is 1-7, maximum 15%. It is difficult to find surebets stably, but in general nothing is impossible if you use scanners, gain experience and learn how to do everything in the best way.

Of course, you can talk about an impressive profit if the bank is about 100,000 rubles or more. With small winnings, you will get tired of searching for surebets and counting the amounts for bets. Arbitration situations allow you to make money with almost no risk. Of course, there is a point in betting according to such a strategy, but it is no secret to anyone that bookmakers are categorically against such tactics. You also need to act very quickly so that the odds do not sink and the chances of profit decrease accordingly. Bookmakers also monitor arbitration situations, because some bets can be blocked or refunded, after which, either you’re lucky, or the money will go into the air.


This strategy also causes a lot of controversy, especially among professionals . You can understand them: low odds, the risk is not the greatest, but far from minimal, there are not so many options for earning money. However, if you look from the other side, then the current quotes are not so small, because if you choose the right match, there is an opportunity to make good money. It is only important to conduct a thorough analysis of statistics and news in order not to miscalculate and make a verified forecast.

The main features of betting on favorites:

  • You can make predictions for any sport without exception. The bottom line is that you need to find the right match in terms of the likelihood of entry. Some favorites are temporary or “tabular,” that is, real strength is reflected only in the latest results and no more. Such teams also do not need to be written off from the accounts, but there is no need to load the entire bank without analysis. Especially favorites stand out in football, but in other sports there are leaders who look stronger against the background of other clubs / athletes.
  • For bets, it is better to choose odds of at least 1.3. When beginners see quotes 1.05-1.2, they are 100% sure of victory and take events even without analytics. But this is the most common mistake that should not be allowed. Even the potential gain should clearly hint that the risks exceed all possible norms. For example, let’s put a million at a factor of 1.05 and get 50 thousand net profit. Just think about it – we are risking a million for the sake of 50 thousand. If you remove the zeros, then the numbers will be generally scanty. Therefore, you should choose a coefficient of 1.3 and no less. It is also quite small, but much better than 1.05-1.2.
  • A large number of different factors affect the victory. If the favorite has losses, then quotes 1.2-1.4 do not reflect the essence of the fight and it is better to bypass it. When the odds are higher than two, it is also worth thinking about, but basically now a lot of such odds are given by bookmakers almost for passing matches. Again, we note the importance of game analysis, which will improve your own chances of a good profit. For example, the favorite has lost the last 3 matches and the bookmaker bets on the game against the middle peasant with a coefficient of 2.1. The squad is fighting, all players want to interrupt the streak of defeats, therefore 2.1 is a royal gift with minimal risks. Moreover, it should be noted that such bonuses are now quite common.

The strategy for betting on favorites is quite interesting, profitable and effective, especially for those bettors who know how to calculate the necessary oppositions and find good odds. It is important to remember that to cover one failure, you will have to make 2-4 predictions if they are also favorites. However, again, the coefficient will not always be 1.3, and maybe 1.9 or even 2.2 for the 99% run. At the same time, the opponent of the favorite under such conditions is not always a strong club.


One of the variations of the strategy “Bet on favorites” is the Dallas tactic. However, on the other hand, this option for making predictions is considered quite diverse. The main point is to analyze the line, find promising events and foresee several outcomes that you can bet on live. The main options for this:

  • Bet on the favorite’s ITB 1.5 in the first half. It’s about football. There are risks, but if a stronger team is motivated, then the forecast will come in, and with a good coefficient.
  • TM1 outsider in the first or second half. This is a good option for football matches, and in hockey, the total TB2 for a specific period is suitable. Again, there is nothing without analytics, because even the NHL is full of grassroots teams who don’t take 8-5 or 9-7 for granted. But in this case, betters benefit from everything, because TM has not been canceled either.
  • One of the teams will score. Variation of TB0.5 with a good coefficient in case of opposition between teams of equal strength. Sometimes equality is only on paper, because some clubs have had excellent last games, and there are giants who can easily score 1 goal.

  However, all of the above options relate to the modernized Dallas strategy. Classic format – bets on “the team will not score” and on individual total. The better must keep track of the match he is making a prediction for and many beginners may not like this requirement. Most are limited to statistics, but if we take into account football, then possession of the ball by 80 to 20% and the advantage in shots by almost 2 times may not reflect what is happening on the field in any way.


There are strategies with minimal risks, and there are also tactics that allow you to always be in the black, regardless of the results of the match. However, only a qualitative analysis and a competent approach will help to make a profit. Having and following a strategy does not improve the odds. It is important to carefully approach the implementation, not to bet on unfamiliar championships, not to allow a huge difference in the class, and it is also time to forget about the odds 1.01-1.3. You can talk a lot and convince of something, but only through individual mistakes can you really achieve the desired results. However, this does not mean that you need to immediately drain the bank and thus the “megabitter” skill will be added to the brain. It is better to minimize risks and always approach the issue competently and income will not be long in coming.