The behavior and actions of players placing bets at the bookmaker and those who visit the casino, are extremely different. First, sports events are subject to analysis – statistics, news, as well as analysis of live events affect the decision, from which betting becomes an interesting process, at the same time requiring attention and knowledge. If we talk about the direction of the casino, where the outcomes are subject to pre-prescribed algorithms, then for
for such users, the content is significantly less credible. About this in to a greater extent, one can speak of entertainment, although players are often from the first times cannot understand the mechanics of playing roulette, blackjack, etc.
the introduction of additional games on the sites of the bookmaker is to retain the interest of the client
by providing him with additional and, importantly, easy
an entertaining experience.

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“In international practice, it happens like this: if the casino market and lottery games is a product whose processes are transparent, and the rules are simple and understandable, in this case the clients of the bookmaker’s office
pay attention to betting on lottery and card games, abstracting from sports, or while waiting for your favorite match “, – says
Along with traditional casinos, the line of various live casino games often becomes addition to the existing offer of the foreign bookmaker. Today the audience of players becomes multitasking, – they clarify in the company, – that they understood game developers and operators themselves. Thus, in the overseas market bookmakers with integrated casino games are popular.

“We can say that this is a certain feature of the client’s request – variety of formats. Most of the players around the world where it is legitimately, they choose exactly familiar content, because they already understand rules and what betting options can be. As a result, the audience of players becomes multitasking and gives time in his free time
preference for simple and understandable mechanics “, – sums up the representative TvBet.
At the same time, the player may be interested in an unfamiliar format of integrated games, which is also taken into account by operators. Conditional simplicity is important here – so that you can it was easy to learn and understand it by observing a couple of runs, and the duration of the session is optimal if it is not more than three minutes, experts say companies.
“Of course, the atmosphere of a real gambling establishment, as well as personal attention is also extremely important for customers today. That’s why, as a rule, on popular foreign bookmaker projects with by the integration of live games, all events are commented on by charming hosts,
which is one of the features of live games ”.

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And, finally, an important factor in the choice of the operator by the client, who remains always relevant, whether it be bookmaker services, live games or land-based casinos, – is transparency. It is important for the client that all events take place directly in the frame. In other words, it is important for him to know that there is no third party
influence on the results of the runs. Extremely important, although the client most often does not request such information that equipment, drums and tables are GLI certified, – this confirms the random nature of the outcomes.