Tens of millions of people around the world take part in sports betting every day. They are greeted with joy by the websites of hundreds of bookmakers that offer a full range of services related to betting and gambling. Statistics, video broadcasts and a full set of detailed news about the life of teams and athletes – modern bettors have at their disposal all the tools that are necessary for high-quality analysis and competent risk assessment.

But most players are content with the role of losers, since their balance in relation to the bookmakers is often negative. So what are the typical betting enthusiasts wrong about? Consider a list of actions that immediately or gradually lead to a bank drain and force you to replenish the balance in the bookmaker’s office.

Most common betting mistakes

Betting is a difficult and time-consuming activity, which can only be earned if there is strict self-discipline and lack of excitement. The overwhelming majority of players make too many mistakes that invariably drown earning prospects in the abyss of the bookmaker:

  1. Lack of knowledge. Before rushing headlong into the pool of bets, you need to study in detail the rules and features of the betting business. It’s not only about the rules of games and competitions – the bettor must know how bookmakers work, how the odds are formed and influenced by what changes. There are many nuances; to guarantee a positive result, you must first obtain and analyze as much information as possible.
  2. Lack of financial discipline. The messy attitude to money is ruining most of the beginners and avid bettors. Putting money into your account and immediately putting everything on the next live event – this scourge cannot be eradicated. The results will not come until you learn how to correctly distribute the existing bank by distance.
  3. The desire to instantly win back the lost money. Another good reason for failure is losing the bank, pouring a new one and chasing after the finances that were lost earlier. Sometimes this can be done, so the illusion is created that you can return everything and come out with a plus. This won’t happen with a thoughtless approach to betting.
  4. Play for the right money. It is allowed to fill in the bookmaker with an amount that you are not afraid to lose. Losing the entire salary, playing for credit or borrowed money is a sign of developed addiction.
  5. Favorite betting. In betting there is no place for likes and dislikes, only cold calculation and play for a result, regardless of the attitude towards the opponents encountered, can bring profit at a distance.
  6. Buying forecasts and dogs. Betting according to the forecasts of a proven capper or resource is a promising occupation. But paying money for it, and even more so buying pseudo-contractual matches, is the height of extravagance. None of the paid capper you can afford will deliver the kind of performance that will help you recoup the costs of forecasts and generate a sane profit.
  7. Drunken betting. While under the steam of alcohol, it is strictly forbidden to sit down for bets in the bookmaker. This is just a law that must be strictly observed, detailed explanations are not required here.
  8. Compilation of “steam locomotives”. A long express of 10-15 events has minimal, almost zero chances of winning. The probability of entering the multiplayer bet is reduced in proportion to the matches added to it.
  9. Using “win-win” strategies. The systems that various dealers on forums and social networks offer you under the guise of ideal game schemes are a complete scam. There are no win-win betting options. The only exception can be “surebets”, but their frequent use threatens with sanctions from the bookmaker’s office, so the risk of losing is still great.
  10. Self-confidence. No, you are not a talented forecaster to beat the bookmakers on a regular basis. Therefore, do not rush to increase the bet amount after a series of successful bets. Each series tends to be interrupted.